Monday, December 10, 2007

Overwhelmed and yet content

Both Maggy and I have been pretty busy of late - kind of overwhelmed by all that's going on to be honest - and yet we're both feeling very happy and settling into our new life.

We've had an instant winter and Maggy's thrilled to see so much snow so soon and on the ground for so long - about two weeks now. She loves to roll and burrow and dig and run and chase and, of course eat as much as she can. She's also a great fan of the cold - so this all suits her quite fine.

I had forgotten just how bone-chilling cold it could be during an Ontario winter. And apparently it hasn't been this cold and snowy since 1985-86 - the last time we lived here - go figure! I'm still working on finding the ultimate walking-with-Maggy and walking-to-work thermal, ankle-length coat as that seems to be the fashion. I also just scored my still in-storage long underwear and wool sweaters from my parents place on the weekend, so am not feeling quite as vulnerable.

Weather aside, it's been a wonderful few months of getting to know our new neighbourhood - including incredibly friendly neighbours, Maggy's new friend and walker Nisha, and for me new friends and co-workers at TPL. Plus, as busy and populated as the city is, I'm finding encounters with strangers to be amazingly uplifting. People on the street, in the subway, in shops are incredibly friendly. And good thing as they counteract the drivers!

All of our boxes are unpacked, there's a plan to find the last of the needed pieces of furniture and the Christmas decorations have been pulled out of boxes after their voyage east.

Maggy's doing well - thriving on her new naturopathic diet and supplements. She's as energetic, playful and strong-minded as always which is great to see!

We're looking forward to heading back to Oshawa on the 21st for a Christmas break and time with family. And to celebrating a year of much change, connection and growth for us both.