Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raindrops keep falling in my eyes

This post is by Maggy:

Dawn and I just went for our morning walk and to my dismay, I turned back early. I never do this - rain or shine, cold or heat. I love my walks and will go as long as you let me. But today, the rain drops were so big and cold and fast that I couldn't take it. I couldn't see as they were going right into my eyes. Kind of reminded me of Vancouver!

Anyway, I had something else to do this morning - tune into my fave blog by none other than a cat!! Check it out: Life with the Big Cats. It's pretty funny, even with the disparaging canine comments.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Just listening to one of my favourite albums Turbulent Indigo while it rains softly outside. Very nice way to spend a relaxing long-weekend Saturday evening.

I love Joni Mitchell - her voice, songwriting, sensibilities, strength and creativity. Not that I know her personally or anything, but what I do know I very much admire. And I have had one personal encounter which, if nothing else, confirmed that I would go ga ga if ever I had the chance to actually speak with her.

A few years ago, in Vancouver, some friends and I were out for drinks at Bacchus - a very popular piano bar on Hornby Street. Located in a boutique hotel, it often attracts celebs (e.g. Vicki Gabereau, Goldie and Kurt). On this evening, in walked Joni Mitchell with a friend and they were coming directly toward me. All I could manage to do was make some strange sound to indicate something was worthy of our attention. She walked toward, beside and then behind me enroute to her table. Which drove me nuts as I couldn't see her any longer. Until my friends suggested that I move seats as I was obviously in crisis. And so I did. And then as a good Canadian I pretended not to be gawking at her while she nibbled on her salad.

I was shocked at how much seeing her affected me. I'd never understood those crying, screaming, fainting fans before, but now I had some new insight into how we can't always predict our own reactions.

The best part though was just how much fun it was to be able to sit there in complete awe of a truly talented, iconic artist. And to realize how much it meant to me.

Note: I'm getting excited all over again just thinking about it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The 'Will and Grace generation' and beyond

I've just watched a segment of 6o Minutes about the US Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy. I also know of two friends who've attended gay weddings, in Canada, in the last few weeks. Interestingly, while it's tempting to contrast our two countrys' different policies regarding same-sex rights, what strikes me is the hope that's embedded in both nations in our younger generations.

One friend blogged recently about how excited her young son and daughter were to attend a summer wedding and though she felt she needed to let them know it was for two 'grooms', the kids were simply happy to be attending a wedding celebration that included dancing. The fact it was a gay marriage was just not an issue for them at all.

Another friend's best friends were married this weekend and in attendance were the two very young children of the 'brides' - who are and will grow up to be, I'm sure, perfectly fine with the arrangement.

Back to the 60 Minutes piece. What became glaringly clear was that younger generations do not have the same objections that the older, mainly white, conservative males currently in charge have with gays serving in the military. This actually presented some hope, as it may just be necessary to wait for the retirement and ultimate destiny of those less enlightened before this becomes the non-issue that it actually is.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As in word games.

I love them, but it could be said they're not exactly my forte. Especially the online kind where you have limited time and must type madly while trying to think cleverly and quickly. Thinking and acting at the same time. At lightning speed. With people who are sometimes a decade or two younger (read much quicker reflexes and much more web savviness - at least that's my excuse!).

They can be oh so challenging and humiliating even. And yet, so very, very addictive. And I'm told a good way to stave off dementia in later life... so there you go, word twist here I come. Again.

Wish me luck.

Monday, July 7, 2008


As time goes by, I'm often reminded of just how important this ingredient is in life. Regardless of the type of relationship, it's essential to know that everyone is acting in good faith.

Granted, there are different perspectives and sometimes we may be having a challenging day/month/year, but on the whole we should be able to conduct ourselves authentically and with compassion.

How simple life would be if we all could do so. And how wonderful a world we'd have if everyone could respect and trust one another. (While an idealistic vision, one can dream right? :)