Saturday, January 10, 2009


Thank you to everyone for your wonderful words and support. While it is really difficult not have have Maggy here with me, the memory and influence of her spirit remain strong.

Many of you know that Maggy was diagnosed with lung cancer more than a year ago. Thankfully, we enjoyed 14 more months together instead of the prognosis of two. During that time, we were able to get to know our new home, neighbourhood, friends and closer-by family.

Under the care of both a naturopathic veterinarian (Dr. Autumn Drouin) and a traditional chinese medicine vet (Dr. Rona Sherebrin), she did extremely well. She continued to enjoy her favourite activities including running and rolling in the park, long walks in all seasons, meeting friends, and eating - especially the best thing of all, peanut butter. With the aid of homeopathic supplements, home-cooked meals and acupuncture, her health remained good for most of that time.

My theory is that she wasn't influenced by medical terms or human fears. She continued to live each day in Buddhist-like fashion, embracing anything and everything that came her way. She also maintained a strong will to see, do and experience what she loved even when her physical body started to complain.

Mika's theory is that Maggy held on until she knew I was safely settled in Toronto. I believe that is also true. Especially when I remember speaking with Yasmin following Maggy's diagnosis, hoping I could keep her with me for at least one more year. I'm especially grateful that this wish was granted - to both of us.

Photo: Maggy at her favourite Toronto park, Spring 2008