Friday, October 26, 2007

Maggy's not feeling well...

... actually, she seems to be feeling just fine with lots of energy, drive to get to the park, desire to find those coveted wayward tennis balls, good appetite, shining eyes.

Unfortunately, her vet has found some not so good signs that inside she's not so well. It appears that she has lung cancer that has begun to spread, which is shocking news. I know that her many friends and fans will send positive vibes her way and fyi, I'm not planning to tell her about it. That way, her wonderful, happy-go-lucky approach to life will continue on and on and on.

We'll continue to keep you posted.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Vancouver visitors

This week I'm excited that I get to see two friends from the wet coast as their business travels are bringing them to Toronto. I'm really looking forward to catching up in person versus through email, blogs and facebook entries! One of the great things about living and working in various cities is the chance to meet lots of different friends that you can connect with despite no longer living in the same place.

Thank goodness for e-communication as time and schedule differences make phone calls pretty challenging. And most especially, thank god we sometimes get to meet the old fashioned way - face-to-face!

Looking forward to seeing you Jacqueline and Mika!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Full circle moments

Yesterday I got a phone call from Vancouver regarding a potential job opportunity. As it turns out, it was one that I was interested in a few years ago at the Royal BC Museum. Though I competed for it, once on the short short list, I pulled out as it involved a move to Victoria. From time to time I've wondered if that was the 'right' decision. And though I believe it would have been wonderful to work at the Museum, I'm very happy with the experience I gained by staying where I was and with the way life has unfolded over the past year.

I'm loving working at the Library and am fortunate to have landed here. I'm close to family and have reconnected with them and with old friends on a day-to-day basis. I'm also making new friends and truly enjoying living in Toronto - yes seriously! :)

It was quite nice to get the call though and to, for a moment, consider the opportunity - no, not seriously! ;)

For now, I'm quite content to stay put (and know that Maggy would put all feet down if I even suggested yet another move!).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everything is new again

Maggy and I encountered a puppy on our walk last night - a puggle (part pug, part beagle) who was full of life and curiosity. Everything was so very interesting and exciting to him. That can also be said for Maggy, except that with years of experience she has learned to prioritize - food first, people second, other dogs third, puppies never! Too much 'in-her-face' energy and very immature for her taste. So off we wandered, not paying attention to the puppy (well I did, she didn't).

In Maggy's defence though, she too is finding that everything is new again. Home, neighbourhood, friend to walk her at lunch time, family visitors (including that two-year old Matthew), vet, food, smells, climate, water. It's all different.

I know how she feels and yet, at least, I had a say in all this change. It does give me pause though as I realize that she and I have completely reinvented our lives over the past 9 months. Wow.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Acclimatization lows and highs

Another quick posting as I'm not yet hooked up at home and work is so hectic that I barely get the chance to check work email before rushing off to yet another meeting! (Fun, yet frenetic too and so much like my previous life at Tourism BC - an interesting occurrence).

Maggy is settling in well, though with an upset stomach that required a quick visit to the vet on Saturday. She's doing ok, but I think moving isn't her favourite pasttime. This am she woke me up at 6 as she wanted to go outside IMMEDIATELY and so off we went without pausing to brush hair or remove nightguard (mine that is). I figured there would be no one in the halls of the condo at that time of morning... Not only was there someone in the elevator - it was a friend of mine from years ago when we both lived in Ottawa who lives in the building! So while this was an incredibly pleasant surprise, I'm looking forward to speaking again sans night guard in mouth and bed head!

Maggy thought it was cool too - especially that we were out and about that early in the am - a rarity in our world for sure!

Friday, October 5, 2007

A quick hello

Just running from work to pack and head back to the burbs for a family Thanksgiving weekend. The move to Toronto went really well over the past weekend and I'm just getting settled in. It's wonderful to live so close to work now - just a quick subway ride away. Haven't had time to explore too much yet, but am loving it so far.

Maggy is coming to see her new home for the first time on Monday - hope she likes it! Actually, I think she'll love having her own routine and territory again after all this time. And it's a very dog-friendly neighbourhood which will be great.

Hope all's well in your world and best wishes for a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!