Monday, December 29, 2008

My Maggy May

I'm sorry to have to say that Maggy left us yesterday. Although it was her time, she will be so very much missed by all.

I'm so thankful to have had such a beautiful, loving, amazing baby, companion and friend in my life for 14 1/2 years. We've experienced a lifetime together and she will always be in my heart.

Thank you for everything, my Maggy May. I will love you always, xoxoxo.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What to say?

In Canada, we're not experiencing one of our best moments. Many non-Harperites were initially intrigued by this idea of a non-confidence vote and subsequent coalition government. When we realized that could be the outcome, it was quite interesting and, in a way, poetic justice. Why? Because Harper's aggressive and non-collaborative approach to all things government is ineffectual in a country where we take great pride in the idea of getting along.

The Conservatives had the opportunity to pull parliament and the country together in a concerted effort to overcome the extreme economic crisis. Instead, the Finance Minister and Prime Minister opted to take the low road, taking on all other political parties by reducing their public funding as well as introducing ideological no-gos including forbidding the public sector's right to strike and lodge pay equity disputes - ostensibly to tighten the public purse. (This at a time when international experts are all saying the economy will not respond to restraint, but requires stimulus).

Following years of holding their noses and swallowing their pride in the House of Commons, this time around it wasn't going to fly. Suddenly all three opposition parties coalesced in a concerted effort to rid the school yard of the bully.

Since then, however, the coalition has not demonstrated the competence required to take on the leadership of Canada either.

I have tried to remain open-minded toward Dion and have to admit there is no way he has the qualities required to bring together our country, as he cannot even do so for his Liberal party. His lack of consultation with his caucus as well as inept communications tactics do not indicate a sign of better things to come.

Even with recent opportunities to soften his approach, Harper has yet to demonstrate any ability to consult with the rest of the house. His partisan style and ideological stubborness is still to be guarded against. He simply does not seem to be trustworthy to most of the 62% of voters who did not support him. (And who by the way, still have the right to voice their opinions and yes, support the toppling of his minority government).

It's difficult to have an opinion on what the best direction is now. Do we opt for the continuation of the mean-spirited, close-minded Conservative leadership or do we choose the disorganized and fragile coalition - regardless of who among the shattered Liberal party leads it? This may become our so-called choice, as it's pretty doubtful that these politicians are capable of working as a team for Canadians.

Let's hope that the holiday spirit takes hold and effects real change so that we can look to the government for collaborative, stable, competent leadership - at a time when that's what is needed most.


PS: I also wanted to note that the efforts of both the NDP and BQ to work with the Liberals seem to be laudable. The fact that the Conservatives chose to demonize the BQ (and potentially jeopardize stability in Quebec) is deplorable. And the fact that the Liberals may back away from the coalition in order to protect the aspirations of the top leader-in-waiting (versus for the good of the country) is pretty uninspiring as well.