Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Literary Lunch on Ice

Today, although on holiday, I ventured to North York Central Library for a meeting and then one of our Keep Toronto Reading events. With the theme "Ladies who Lit," this was one of a number of lunchtime author readings scheduled throughout the month.

The first author, Governor General's Award-Winner Diane Schoemperlen, read from At A Loss For Words, a current-day look at how email correspondence is no substitute for real-time romance, or even love letters of old.

The second author's novel, Town House, features the agoraphobic son of an Ozzy Osbourne-like rock star, and explores the influences of nature and nurture in cultivating anxiety disorders. Interestingly, this very first book by Tish Cohen is being adapted into a screenplay to be produced by Ridley Scott.

Both readings were great, and the audience asked a lot of questions about the process of writing (and having one's writing chosen for film) as well as about societal and cultural influences on their respective themes.

I have to say, though, the highlight of the day for me was sitting in the beautiful concourse of NYCL with huge windows letting in gorgeous sunlight and through which we could watch lunchtime skaters. This is not a typical "Toronto" image and it was a reminder that TO has way more character and charm than it is often given credit for. It was a very enjoyable afternoon combining both my new hometown and new workplace. Very cool indeed.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Life is good

It has been exactly six months since I began my new job, and four months since Maggy and I moved into our new home - and things are great.

I'm taking a week off to hang out with Mags, do a bit more settling in, explore the neighbourhood, and do some of those errands that never get done when life gets hectic. So far this weekend, I've discovered a wonderful Thai restaurant just down the street, Maggy and I have had some good walks, and we're both feeling quite well rested thank you very much.

Tomorrow it's more of the same, plus some shopping and maybe checking out Juno before the Oscars on Sunday. I also want to go to some Keep Toronto Reading events this week (just for fun, not for work) and to take Maggy to a physio appt (to help out with her arthritic hips).

And at the end of the week it's off to a family birthday weekend - bowling with Ben (turning 5!), Claire (just turned 11!!) and Brenda and Bret (won't say what they just turned...).

So all in all, things are going well and we're both quite grateful about that.

Hope you're all enjoying this Family Day in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan and Louis Riel Day in Manitoba! BC'ers - at least you've had some amazing weather over the weekend, which is more than we can say here in TO! ;)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just chillin' on a Sunday afternoon

Following two whole days of snowfall, Maggy's park is back to being a fun playground. Great for rolling...

... and playing...

... and uncovering yummy sticks to chew.