Monday, April 16, 2007

"What have you been up to?"

This is a commonly asked question as we slowly but surely catch up with friends far and near. Maggy and I have been BUSY settling into our new environment.

There was Christmas, New Year's & Easter with family in Oshawa, visiting friends in Toronto and Ottawa, 5 birthdays - with 3 more fast approaching, babysitting, seeing movies, going to
hockey games, visiting the zoo, helping family renovate, and for Maggy - making peace with Ginger, her new companion and competitor. (They have actually become an interesting balancing act and tag team. What Ginger doesn't like to eat, Maggy does. When Maggy goes outside, they both get a treat; when Ginger goes out they both get a treat, and so it goes. You'll note that the entire universe for both now revolves around food.)

My friend Debrah recently observed that this has been the honeymoon period following our move. We've been able to hang out and get re-acquainted with everyone. Life has been rich, full and fun. Very social, little stress - joyful, really. What a wonderful way to transition... and a great new beginning, indeed.

I know what you're thinking - yes, but what about a job? As much as this hiatus has been enjoyable, reality is now dictating the need to work once more. An employment search is now in full swing with lots of networking, applying and interviewing taking place. I'm very lucky to have the family support that is allowing my search for the right fit. And while summer and my parent's backyard pool are beginning to beckon, it looks like I'll soon be heading back into the trenches once more. Will definitely keep ya posted.

Photo: Nieces and nephew Aleah, Liam & Claire celebrating something!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Canadian Icons

Sadly we are hearing today, that Canada has lost a wonderful woman, citizen, journalist, activist and role model - June Callwood at the age of 82.

Watching the tributes, I find myself both inspired and troubled. Fired up to see how one individual with conviction, confidence and commitment can impact the world. There is no doubt about what June Callwood stood for and that she did not accept non-action in anyone capable of doing something.

My unrest comes from the fact I have not personally done everything I can do to get involved. That is certainly one of the reasons I moved back to my roots, in order to truly commit to my community in an active, long-term way.

This day, while sad, is a poignant reminder that, to paraphrase Callwood, we all get this one life and it's our responsibility to live it to its fullest and to do our best. Moreover: "Great consideration for one another... that's what's going to save the world." While our country is poorer for her loss, it is so much richer for having had the generous spirit and tireless contributions of her life.

Callwood is one of several Canadian leaders that have been an inspiration to so many. In March we lost Doris Anderson, another iconic activist and journalist at the age of 85. And 15 years ago, Barbara Frum, renowned journalist died at the age of 55.

To me, all three have been stirring examples of active excellence, humanity and compassion and will continue to be an inspiration always.

Photos: June Callwood - Saturday Night Magazine, Chris Nicolls; Doris Anderson - Laurel McCubbin; Barbara Frum - National Archives of Canada