Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning

Today was CBC Television`s last broadcast of CBC News: Sunday a terrific two-hour start to every Sunday for Canadians for the past 8 years. Hosted by Carole MacNeil and Evan Solomon, it has featured regional, national & international stories - in all areas of interest.

Topics have included the range from moving and inspiring to confounding and anger-provoking. As mentioned today, many have been moved to action after finding out about a situation in Canada or somewhere else in the world.

Pieces of note for me have included seeing an 80+ year old Flora MacDonald travelling to Afghanistan. For several years, her Foundation has supported a village there with funding for power for lighting so the children can attend school rather than spend daylight hours making carpets to support their families. Seeing her still active - and encouraging girls and women to be politically involved - was truly an inspiration.

Or the story of Dr. Mark Nowashinsky, the doctor who gave up his practice to go on the road delivering home-based care for Toronto`s seniors while advocating for improvements to senior health care in Ontario.

Or the story of Palestinian and Jewish youth participating in a filmmaking camp in Canada - learning to become friends and look at life from different perspectives before returning back to their lives in Israel.

Every Sunday morning brought a combination of views on news, politics, spirituality, sports, music, film, culture and other areas of focus - all from intelligent and very Canadian points of view.

Like the hundreds watching the show live in Toronto this morning, I`m sad to see CBC News: Sunday cancelled - a victim of the recent CBC budget cuts. This high quality program has been a unique contribution to Canada and will surely be missed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hitting the road

Vacation's finally here!
Just about to head off to spend time with family, then for a road trip to Muskoka, followed by a visit to Ottawa.

So far, the sun's shining, music's ready, suitcase is almost packed, and very soon, I'll disconnect from e-communications. It'll be a true test of my resolve to take a break, be in the moment and deny my online habit.

Wish me luck and have a great week!