Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Renewal of spirit

West-coast living taught me some insights into maintaining a balanced life. Like almost everyone I know, I find balance to be an absolute - and yet incredibly fleeting - necessity.

While it has taken a few days of vacation time to start getting into 'letting go' mode, I'm finally achieving that combined state of relaxation and inspiration.

Whether reading or vegging in front of a video or listening to favourite music or napping or reflecting, I'm starting to feel that sense of groundedness again.

I've also been following through on ways to build a more spiritual life here in Toronto - something that's eluded me while getting the more fundamental aspects in place. I'm very excited to have found a holistic health centre that I'll be visiting tomorrow. I have just registered for yoga classes and related lectures there as well. Throughout the fall, I'm planning to attend a host of literary events at the Library, plus concerts and theatre around the city. And despite this ultra-urban setting, I'm determined to connect more deliberately with nature, as it's definitely all around.

With the arrival of Autumn, I'm feeling a renewed sense of connection and gratitude. That's more like it!

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susan said...

Ooooh. Life sounds so good! :)