Thursday, September 24, 2009

Practising what we already know

Hmmm. Yesterday was a reminder to remain realistic about, as well as trusting of, external influences. While feeling on the right path toward more spiritual connection, and seeing the many options that are presenting themselves with that consciousness, I have to remember that not every channel is the one for me.

The holistic TCM health centre was interesting, though not at all what I expected. It unfortunately was not a welcoming nor informative experience, despite my desire to find a foundation on which to build a health & wellness base. My intuition tells me it's not what I need at this time, though it may simply be that the upcoming yoga classes were what I was meant to find there.

I'm still open to what else the centre might offer, and yet also acknowledge that much of what I'm looking for in a wellness practice I'm already tuned into and simply need to act upon myself. No panaceas. Authentic, balanced living with conscious exploration and action. Time to resume all I've learned over the years - and pay special homage to my wise friend Debrah while I'm at it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Renewal of spirit

West-coast living taught me some insights into maintaining a balanced life. Like almost everyone I know, I find balance to be an absolute - and yet incredibly fleeting - necessity.

While it has taken a few days of vacation time to start getting into 'letting go' mode, I'm finally achieving that combined state of relaxation and inspiration.

Whether reading or vegging in front of a video or listening to favourite music or napping or reflecting, I'm starting to feel that sense of groundedness again.

I've also been following through on ways to build a more spiritual life here in Toronto - something that's eluded me while getting the more fundamental aspects in place. I'm very excited to have found a holistic health centre that I'll be visiting tomorrow. I have just registered for yoga classes and related lectures there as well. Throughout the fall, I'm planning to attend a host of literary events at the Library, plus concerts and theatre around the city. And despite this ultra-urban setting, I'm determined to connect more deliberately with nature, as it's definitely all around.

With the arrival of Autumn, I'm feeling a renewed sense of connection and gratitude. That's more like it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Precious time

As we get older, time starts to pass more quickly and the milestones accumulate.

This year has been exceptional in that regard - two uncles turned 80 and one 75, my parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary, my sister and her husband their 25th, and some old friends and I just marked 30 years since we started university.

Not one of us feels as though that many years have gone by. And yet these points in time serve to remind us to appreciate our accomplishments and each other. And more than that, to take the time to celebrate it all.